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[12:22] Mouser> :joey- -Heya... Greetings.. let me share something with you...
[12:23] Mouser> :joey- - Hows the prep'ing for Christmas going?
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[12:27] joey-> :Hiya Mouser
[12:27] Mouser> :deRuyter - welcome....
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[12:27] Jefferey> :the House just passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act, cutting taxes for middle-income families all across America. <---Great news for HARD WORKING TAX PAYERS ...Bad news for LAZY DEADBEATS AND SOCIALIST PARASITES
[12:28] deRuyter> :bad news so
[12:28] Jefferey> :G*d Bless Trump for making America Great, Strong and free of islam
[12:28] pete-> Jefferey, could you please stop the incessant name calling? :/
[12:28] Mouser> :Jefferey - those with the lower incomes are going to benefit from the tax breaks..
[12:29] Mouser> :Jefferey - and not matter what - We all deserve a better taxing system.
[12:29] joey-> :ACTION shrugs ... I joined this channel to find this crap ??
[12:29] Jefferey> :Mouser Yes but lazy people will not be able to leech off hard working tax payers anymore -- EVERYONE MUST *EARN* their meal
[12:30] Mouser> :Jefferey - I agree that working and achieving should be in everyones mind. I do not want something I did not earn.
[12:30] joey-> :ACTION knows that most poor people *EARN* their meals ... and work harder than most of us will ever know
[12:30] joey-> :so I am going to 'work' for keep ... starting with pete- :)
[12:30] joey-> :Hiya deRuyter
[12:31] joey-> :Groetjes, my friend.
[12:31] deRuyter> :y0
[12:31] Jefferey> :Mouser That is what made America Great in the first place before liberals started rewarding laziness and ineptness and actually punish hard work and success -- G*d Bless Trump for bringing back american values
[12:31] Mouser> :joey- - That is correct, and there are those that do need assistance, they have real needs. Then there are those that abuse the system, and they need to be removed off the system. The issue is - being fair when you are dealing with people that are struggling.
[12:31] joey-> :Mouser: the counties have a way of routing out the lazy and shiftless people
[12:31] joey-> :at least here in CA
[12:32] Mouser> :joey- - I agree.. but it takes a while, and costs lots of moneys..
[12:32] Jefferey> :Mouser Only true handicaps and old people deserve assistance..But lazy people will have to work to earn their bread like everyone else now
[12:32] joey-> :hence the copious amounts of paperwork that go into supporting those who are on the programs
[12:32] Mouser> :work... later
[12:32] joey-> :haha
[12:32] joey-> :cya later, Mouser --- :)
[12:32] Mouser> :joey- - yes that 4 letter word...
[12:33] joey-> :absolutely!
[12:33] joey-> ::)
[12:33] Jefferey> :<@Mouser> work... later <----G*d bless hard working christian family men who make America strong
[12:34] Toph> :amen,, and damn the rest, even the good Christian women who work hard
[12:34] joey-> :Hiya Toph
[12:34] Toph> :hey joey-
[12:34] Jefferey> :Toph Christian women are the foundation of western civilization
[12:34] Jefferey> :So please stop it
[12:38] joey-> :Toph: are you taking aikido classes?
[12:38] Toph> :joey-,,, no, I'm not,, the term just came up in my reading
[12:38] joey-> :oh ok
[12:39] joey-> :it's also a popular form of general excercise here
[12:39] joey-> :and there is a dojo on the other side of town, so thought I'd pop the question
[12:39] Toph> :ok
[12:40] joey-> ::)